AMRO-logistics is a transport and shipping company operating since 1992. operating since 1992. The ambition of a dynamic team is to solve the transport problems of our clients. The investment plan of the company is subordinated to this goal, from its own car park and modern shipping office to technical facilities.

We support investments in Western Europe, as well as in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. We are experienced carriers in Siberia - up to Irkutsk.

Obsługujemy inwestycje zarówno w Europie Zachodniej jak również w Rosji, Białorusi, Ukrainie, Kazachstanie. Jesteśmy doświadczonymi przewoźnikami na Syberii - aż po Irkuck.

The Amro Logistics company has ISO 9001-2001 quality certification in the field of design and implementation of heavy and non-standard transports.